Prime Minister Janez Janša Answers Questions from MPs

At the 41st session of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia, Prime Minister Janez Janša answered four questions from deputies – three raised by opposition deputies, one by the coalition.


(Photo: Kristina Kosec/Bobo)


Mr Srečko Prijatelj, Slovenian National Party deputy, asked PM Janez Janša why the whole Karst region had been included by the Slovene Government in the Natura 2000 network without the consent of its municipalities, whereas Mr Jožef Školč, Liberal Democracy of Slovenia deputy, wanted to know how the PM would estimate the current state of the rule of law in Slovenia. Mrs Majda Potrata, Social Democrats member, drew attention to public opinion polls showing that people in Slovenia are unhappy about their lives. Finally, Mr Jože Tanko, deputy of the Slovenian Democratic Party, enquired whether the Government intended to draw up legislation with a competition clause that would prevent judges and prosecutors from directly becoming lawyers.


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