Prime Minister Janez Janša Suggests Decoration for Outstanding Participation in Rescue Operation near Blanca Hydroelectric Power Plant

In a letter today to the President of Slovenia, Dr Danilo Türk, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr Janez Janša, suggested that the leader and most outstanding members of the rescue squad that participated in the rescue operation on the lower Sava River near the Blanca hydroelectric power plant be awarded with appropriate state decoration.


(Photo: Bor Slana/Bobo)


At its 177th session, the Government decided to give special recognition to everyone who took part in rescuing the victims of the tragic boating accident that occurred on 3 July this year. It commended members of the Slovene police and civil protection forces, particularly those divers, police officers, firemen, rescue workers and local people who offered their help immediately after the accident with a sense of composure, devotion and personal courage.


The Government also complimented the people of the Municipality of Sevnica as well as the local administration leaders for their quick response and solidarity, making every effort to minimise the consequences of this tragic event.

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