Prime Minister Janez Janša: Government Will Help Storm Victims

After today's meeting with ministers on the aftermath of the recent devastating storm, Prime Minister Janez Janša stated that the most affected areas in Slovenia had suffered considerable damage and announced the Government’s intention to discuss measures for effective storm recovery at its Thursday session.


(Photo: Kristina Kosec/Bobo)


According to the initial estimate, over one million euros worth of educational facilities were ruined, 570 hectares of forest and other wooded areas were destroyed, and 500 other facilities, e.g. commercial and industrial, were damaged, not to mention severe damage caused to agricultural products, noted the PM. "On Thursday, the Government will gather information about the consequences of the storm, offer all the help it can at this stage and take other measures needed in this situation," asserted PM Janša. One of the steps already taken by the Government, he explained, was to assure safe landfill sites for asbestos roofs which were blown off in the storm and have to be stored in such a way that environmental standards are met.


(Photo: Kristina Kosec/Bobo)


Depending on the estimated damage, the Government will also offer support outside its usual channels of aid, as well as the use of a solidarity approach. The PM therefore urged the two main humanitarian organisations in Slovenia, Caritas Slovenia and the Red Cross, to open special accounts to take donations for the most affected victims of the storm. "We call upon all local communities to use existing solidarity mechanisms in order to raise money for those who suffered the most," concluded PM Janez Janša.

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