Prime Minister Janez Janša: Government Plans Measures for Recent Storm Recovery and Calls for Solidarity

Prime Minister Janez Janša today visited the municipalities of Kamnik and Gornji Grad to witness firsthand the consequences of the Sunday storm, which left some parts of Slovenia severely damaged. Together with the two mayors, PM Janša went to Gozd nad Kamnikom, the village most devastated by the storm, as well as to the Črnivec Pass and the settlements of Šmiklavž and Tirosek.


Prime Minister Janez Janša and Kamnik Mayor Tone Smolnikar (Photo: Srdjan Živulovič/Bobo)


After witnessing the damaged sites, the Prime Minister acknowledged the storm's serious and highly destructive consequences, but he also pointed out the efficiency of the intervention measures taken right after the storm. He took the opportunity to thank the fire brigade, rescue squad, mayors, local communities and everyone else who swiftly stepped in to offer help, stressing that a quick and effective response is vital in such cases. This helps people to recover from the initial shock after the accident and prevents more human or property damage, he said.


The Prime Minister also met with local people shocked after the roofs over their heads were literally blown off by the storm (Photo: Srdjan Živulovič/Bobo)


"All who suffered the storm were pleased about the help they received, but this is only the first and perhaps the easiest part of the story," Prime Minister Janša said. "We are now slowly getting to the second part, which is dealing with the consequences; this is going to take much more time, as well as more money."


(Photo: Srdjan Živulovič/Bobo)


At its Thursday session, the Government will make a thorough assessment of the effects of the storm and adopt its first measures, including financial ones, regarding this issue. According to Mr Janša, the recent storm proved once again the strength of the solidarity among Slovenes, the same as it did last year when massive flooding struck Železniki, Kropa and other places in Slovenia. He also urged everyone to show this solidarity and help the individuals and families most affected.


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