20. 3. 2013

Prime Minister Janez Janša hosts lunch for skier Tina Maze

(Photo: Nebojša Tejić/SPA)

(Photo: Nebojša Tejić/SPA)

(Photo: Nebojša Tejić/SPA)

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Janez Janša, and his wife, Urška Bačovnik Janša, today at Vila Podrožnik hosted a lunch for Tina Maze, the best skier of all time, and her core team.

Prime Minister Janez Janša extended his sincere congratulations to Tina Maze and her entire team on the success which will go down not only in the Slovenian history but also in the annals of the world alpine skiing. He also thanked her for the excellent promotion of Slovenia; owing to our skiing champion's achievements, the worldwide visibility of Slovenia has substantially improved.

Tina Maze, who has become the best skier of all time, attended the lunch with Andrea Massi, her coach and life partner, and Damijan Terpin, the regional secretary of the Slovenian Community in Italy, and his wife.

Prime Minister Janša believes that the future holds further magnificent successes for Tina Maze and her Team to aMaze. Undoubtedly, the Slovenians will continue to cheer as one for her new record-breaking performances.