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Prime Minister Janez Janša: Coalition Agrees to Continue with the Passing of the Regional Legislation

At today's meeting of party and political group leaders convened by the Slovene Prime Minister, Janez Janša, the coalition parties have agreed to continue with the passing of new regional legislation. The coalition party members will seek to wrap up the procedure before the next parliamentary elections.


(Photo: Kristina Kosec/Bobo)


 »With this in mind, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia will make all the necessary arrangements for proposals which would enable the procedure to progress. The final decision on this is of course in the hands of the National Assembly,« said the Prime Minister. He also made it clear that the passing of the regional legislation would follow all legislative and procedural rules.


»As far as formation of the regions is concerned, the opinion the municipalities will be considered. The Government is however liable to change or amend certain solutions it is about to propose, after it hears the municipalities’ comments presented to it by the National Assembly,» said PM Janez Janša after the meeting.


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